Wellness Committees

There are more than 40 committees at Michigan Medicine that focus on well-being, DEI, employee engagement, and workplace culture.  These committees develop strategic, thoughtful programs that boost well-being and mitigate drivers of burnout in the workplace for faculty, staff, and residents.

We aim to leverage the collective strength of these committees to: 

1.) Help connect committees with each other for idea-sharing and best practices

2.) Share resources and services that support your committee

Do you have a committee focused on well-being?  We can help share resources, tips, programs, and best practices with your committee.  Let's connect - fill out the form provided or click the button below!

A meeting of the Department of Hospital Medicine IMPOWER Council.  This council focuses on DEI & Wellbeing.

Examples of Departmental and Team Level Projects Wellness Committees Focus On

Feeling Valued.pdf
Psychological Safety.pdf
Work Flexibility.pdf

Wellness Committee Resources

Interested in learning more? 
Reach out to the Department's Wellness Advocates for further information.