Wellness Office

Welcome to the Wellness Office!

The Michigan Medicine Wellness Office is dedicated to improving workforce well-being, reducing professional burnout, and creating a caring, safe environment where all faculty, staff and learners at Michigan Medicine can thrive. Our focus is to help make workplace well-being part of your experience while providing excellent patient care, work, education, and research across Michigan Medicine.

Read the most recent message from Dr. Kirk Brower - Michigan Medicine's Chief Wellness Officer.

Your Well-Being Matters!

Michigan Medicine unequivocally recognizes racism as a public health issue, and we should be standing out as leaders against inequality. We are committed to creating fundamental change that leads to a culture of anti-racism, and a medical school and health system that are leaders in equity, justice and inclusiveness for people of all colors. Shelagh Saenz

Through its 2021 Joy in Medicine Recognition Program, the AMA has recognized Michigan Medicine's ongoing commitment to improve the well-being of its faculty, staff and learners with a Bronze Recognition award. The Wellness Office works with Michigan Medicine leadership to put processes and structures in place to improve workplace well-being and will continue to measure progress toward that goal.