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Is your department, unit, or team looking for a speaker to bring awareness to workforce well-being and resources? 

Office of Well-Being Presentations

Contact the Office of Well-Being at to schedule a time to speak to your team/unit/department on the following topic(s):

The Office of Counseling and Workforce Well-Being has expertise in the following subjects:

You can view their presentation list here. Contact or (734) 763-5409 to schedule a time for them to speak to your team/unit/department.

Organizational Effectiveness Consulting is available to small-team and large-scale audiences for a variety of needs including:

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Wellness Advocates

The Well-Being Advocates consist of leaders with demonstrated commitment and responsibility toward improving well-being.  They bring a unique lens to well-being and are available to speak to your unit and division on the following topics:  

The Clinical Ethics Service within CBSSM promotes a culture of patient-centered excellence by developing a comprehensive set of ethics-related activities and presentations.

The PEAR team provides presentations, workshops, professional development, and resources for Ann Arbor and Michigan Medicine faculty and staff.  PEAR also offers consultations with faculty and staff leaders and assists units as they holistically respond to sexual misconduct in their communities.

Adaptable Resolution Services | PEAR Info

Michigan Medicine PEAR Specialist:  Pedro Coracides, LLMSW