Psychological Safety Series

Michelle McQuaid, Ph.D. provides an introduction of psychological safety in the workforce
using evidenced-based research in positive psychology and neuroscience.  

Learning Objectives:


Fixed Mindset


Judgement Mindset


Connect with Anyone Toolkit

Building Psychological Safety, Part 1

This session highlights ways to implement and incorporate small actions to build psychologically safe workforces.  

How to Have Kind Conversations With Each Other, Part 2

This session highlights why kindness helps us lean into the awkward, tough and hard things we need to talk about.  

The Power of Leadership & Responsibility, Part 3

This session highlights the science behind why responsibility and accountability matter so much and share practical tips and ideas you can use to bring these insights to life in your role.

The Power of Rest & Recovery, Part 4

This session highlights the science of rest and recovery and its impact on our health.