Positively Energizing Leadership Training Series

Watch these short 5 to 10-minute training modules on the 15 Attributes of Positive Energizing Leaders based on Dr. Kim Cameron's 2021 book Positively Energizing LeadershipThese "bite-size" presentations are ideal for use in pre-existing meeting structures to improve culture or as stand-alone training sessions. 

This series was created for the Radiology Department and funded by a Michigan Medicine Workforce Well-Being Grant.  Drs. Kim Garver and Katherine Maturen from Radiology and Dr. Amy Young from the Center for Positive Organizations generously shared these training modules as a learning tool for groups and leaders at Michigan Medicine.  

1_ Helping Others.mp4
3_ Instill confidence.mp4
4_ Smile frequently.mp4
5_ Forgive Weakness.mp4
6_ Invest in relationships.mp4

Module 6:  Investing in Relationships 

7_ Share Plum Assignments.mp4
9_ Solve Problems.mp4
10_ See opportunities.mp4

Module 10:  Mostly Seeing Opportunities

11_ Insire.mp4

Module 11:  Clarify Meaningfulness & Inspire Others

12_ Trust.mp4
13_ Authenticity.mp4
14_ Motivation.mp4
15_ Mobilize energizers.mp4