Parenting on the Frontlines

The Office of Well-Being is pleased to announce the resulting product of a Michigan Medicine Workplace Well-Being Grant-funded project: 
Parenting on the Frontlines:  Stories of love, loss, and wonder

Dr. Kelly Paradis and Dr. Morgan began an Office of Well-Being grant-funded project to create a community of awareness, insight, and compassion for all parents and would-be parents working in the healthcare profession at Michigan Medicine.

In October 2021, they launched an effort to collect narratives about the intersection of parenting and careers in healthcare. Soon after, stories were submitted by faculty and staff across the health system. These stories shared common threads of joy, worry, and struggle among parents with demanding healthcare careers.  

The book Parenting on the Frontlines:  Stories of love, loss, and wonder captures these narratives to normalize and destigmatize the shared experiences of balancing the journey of parenthood with a career in medicine.

Chapters cover the following topics:

The book is now available to download or purchase. 

Maize Books  (University of Michigan Publishing)

Michigan Publishing

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"We want to help all parents and would-be parents to see that their feelings and experiences are normal and that they are not alone on their journeys."

-Kelly Paradis, PhD