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The goal of the Wellness Office grant program is to encourage and support innovative, scalable, and sustainable approaches that improve the quality of experience and well-being at work and in the learning environment among faculty, staff and learners at Michigan Medicine.

A growing collection of best practices shared by researchers, wellness advocates and departments at Michigan Medicine.  Does your area have a wellness best practice?  Share with us any successful tips and interventions by emailing us - wellnessoffice@med.umich.edu 

This network is a collaborative group of faculty, staff, and learners designated by their leaders to be liaisons to the Wellness Office. They actively promote workforce well-being in their respective departments, disciplines, and offices.  Find the Wellness Advocate Network from your area!

These well-being resources aids program administrators and directors to meet the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) Common Program Requirements. 

The program goal is to support scholarship, enable expertise, and propose solutions in the field of workforce well-being through the protected effort for eligible faculty. 

Let us help connect you to the right resources. The Many partners across Michigan Medicine, and the University of Michigan as a whole, have mobilized resources for the community, some of which you can find here.

The Well-Being Survey complements the high-level Michigan Medicine faculty and staff surveys. This tool enables leaders to probe deeper into the drivers impacting workforce well-being to make informed decisions. 

Operational Decision Guide.pdf

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Proactive questions for leaders to ask themselves before making decisions or implementing new operational or policy changes.  It can also be used as a debriefing tool to assess the impact of an implementation.  

Learn more about burnout, its contributors and key strategies to address it for leaders, faculty, staff, and learners.  Individual interventions are necessary, but not sufficient, to address burnout. Interventions must also be focused at the organization and work levels in order to enact lasting change.

Is your department, unit, or team looking for a speaker to bring awareness to workforce well-being and resources?  The Wellness Office has developed a list of experts available to speak on specific well-being topics.

Focus Group Facilitator Guide.pdf

Following a review of your annual faculty and staff engagement survey results, this guide is intended to help leaders facilitate further conversation among their teams to better understand the results, help identify workforce well-being solutions together, and support the action planning process. 


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Appreciative Inquiry is a tool that focuses on teams at their best. It taps into the collective wisdom of employees to co-create their culture and drive positive outcomes. View these tools and resources:


Whatever challenge your team is facing, whether it be on well-being, professional development or conflict resolution - there are services and resources available at Michigan Medicine.


A few ideas to get started on well-being for yourself and the people you lead.


The Clinical Ethics Service offers adult and pediatric ethics consultation services across Michigan Medicine.

Wellbeing Checkin Guide v2.pdf

The Michigan Medicine Wellness Office, Office of Counseling and Workplace Resilience (OCWR), and Department of Psychiatry, in their commitment to support the emotional well-being of faculty, staff and learners during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond, have provided this brief guide for local teams and leaders to facilitate well-being discussions when and where they can.

Read publications, abstracts and posters by Wellness Office staff and Wellness Advocates. 

Training programs and webinars are listed to provide individuals with tools to navigate stress, address burnout, learn about psychological safety, and more.

wellbeing challenge leader guide.pdf

Dr. Runge challenge: make just one commitment to your team’s well-being! 

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