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Family Care Task Force Solutions

Providing faculty, staff, and learners with resources and support as we navigate the current and future state
of balancing family care and work demands during COVID-19.

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The FCTF recently submitted proposals to Michigan Medicine leadership, the provost’s office and University Human Resources, and several have been implemented, including:

  • More information to Human Resources unit partners to increase consistency and quality of information provided in response to questions;

  • A $500 recognition bonus to Michigan Medicine and medical school administration staff and faculty who are not part of bargaining agreements, to support various personal needs, including incremental COVID-related child care costs;

  • Access to a wider range of support for hiring in-home caregivers through an upcoming university-paid membership to, as well as through existing U-M resources in Family Helpers and Kids Care at Home;

  • Expansion of work-from-home through end of June;

  • More flexible working options, including virtual clinic slots;

  • Flexible performance metrics;

  • Targeted and proactive hiring to address existing and anticipated staffing shortages;

  • Launch of the Wellness Office website with a wide range of resources to support families during the pandemic;

  • Access to COVID-19 testing through our surveillance program and requesting testing via

The task force is investigating additional solutions, including adding capacity for cost-conscious child care for U-M employees and supporting families in greatest financial need. The task force is receiving feedback at: