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Balancing Work and Life as a Work From Home Parent (LinkedIn Learning)

CDC Resources for Protecting Your Family

How to keep your child's education and mental health on track during the COVID-19 outbreak (Michigan Radio interview with UM's Dr. Jenny Radesky)

NEW! Family-to-Family Posting Board
University Human Resources has created a new family-to-family online posting board for various care needs. Employees and students can create and respond to posts about sharing resources and providing unpaid support such as occasional child care, tutoring and learning support, and elder care. Once the employees or students connect, they can follow up independently to discuss arrangements.

Michigan Department of Health and Human Services
Has the pandemic disrupted your family life? Many MI parents are feeling overwhelmed by extra responsibilities and stress from COVID-19. Visit to register for a virtual support group specifically for parents of children 18 and younger, hosted by our Stay Well counseling team. Find comfort talking to others who share similar feelings. Hurry! Maximum of 30 participants per session.

Social Distancing with Kids (Q+A with Dr. Jenny Radesky, UM developmental behavioral pediatrician)

Stuck at Home? 6 Ways to Keep Your Kids Healthy and Happy (tips from Dr. Tiffany Munzer, UM developmental behavioral pediatrician)

They See the Masks Too. Talking to Kids About COVID-19 (Michigan Medicine News Break Podcast)

Tips for Parenting While Homebound Due to the Spread of Coronavirus (Michigan Medicine News Break Podcast)

Zero to Thrive (Resources to help families, perinatal women, and professionals through COVID-19)