Well-Being Help Center

Emotional Health & Well-Being Resources
Resources for faculty, staff, learners, and the community at-large.

Well-Being Resources at Michigan Medicine

Recharge Rooms

Rooms that stimulate the senses through light, sounds and scents for faculty, staff and learners. Open 24/7 and no need for reservations.

  • Frankel Cardiovascular Center -5331A

  • Med Inn - 626

  • C.S. Mott Children's Hospital -7-231

During times of stress and illness, the arts have the power to nurture and engage. Gifts of Arts provides links to resources that provides music and art opportunities.

A multi-faith resource page to help patients, their families, caregivers and staff. Chaplains and the Spiritual Care staff are available to provide support.

Wellbeing Checkin Guide v2.pdf

A helpful, 1-page guide for local teams and leaders to facilitate well-being discussions when and where they can (e.g., huddles or team meetings).

Burnout & Mental Health Resources

Learn more about burnout, its contributors and key strategies to address it for leaders, faculty, staff, and learners.

A resource for those with depression.

Email & Meeting Transformation Tools developed by the Stress + Burnout Task Team.

A resource for those with substance use disorders and addiction

Additional External Resources on Burnout & Mental Health:

  • GrieveWell - 734-975-0238. Offers online services including 1:1 peer support, grief workshops , restorative grief yoga and other grief support resources

Connecting & Support

Engage in dialogue to generate ideas and feel support. Conversations include discussions on xenophobia, self-care, and an array of topics aimed at tackling pressing issues.

First in Family (for learners)

Provides medical students who are first-generation and/or low-income with the academic, professional, financial, and community resources necessary to succeed in medical school and in the medical profession.

Ensures members of the University of Michigan community, whether on a tight budget or physically restrained from getting to a grocery store, receive equitable access to healthy, nutritious, and nourishing food.

An online collection of existing technology resources to complement in-person resources and services has been created and will continue to be expanded

External Food Support Resources:

Working Remotely

Remote Work Faculty & Staff Resource Guide.pdf
Remote Work Faculty & Staff Resource Guide - Supplemental Recommendations & Resources.pdf
Remote Work Guide_FINAL.pdf

Additional External Resources on Working Remotely:

COVID-19 Resources

Self-Care & Resilience

Leadership Resources