Learn more about burnout, its contributors and key strategies to address it for leaders, faculty, staff, and learners.

An introduction to psychological safety in the workplace using evidenced-based research in positive psychology and neuroscience.

To help connect faculty, staff and learners to well-being resources in a centralized location.

Training programs and webinars are listed to provide individuals with tools to navigate stress, address burnout, learn about psychological safety, and more.

Wellbeing Checkin Guide v2.pdf

The Michigan Medicine Wellness Office, Office of Counseling and Workplace Resilience (OCWR), and Department of Psychiatry, in their commitment to support the emotional well-being of faculty, staff and learners during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond, have provided this brief guide for local teams and leaders to facilitate well-being discussions when and where they can.

Operational Decision Guide.pdf

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Proactive questions for leaders to ask themselves before making decisions or implementing new operational or policy changes. It can also be used as a debriefing tool to assess the impact of an implementation (e.g., what went well, or any learning opportunity).

Focus Group Facilitator Guide.pdf

Following a review of your annual faculty and staff engagement survey results, this guide is intended to help leaders facilitate further conversation among their teams to better understand the results, help identify workplace well-being solutions together, and support the action planning process.