Survey Tools

Interested in utilizing a wellness survey for your area? Please email the Wellness Office at

Wellness Office Workplace Well-Being Survey

The Wellness Office has created a comprehensive assessment in Qualtrics examining key domains of workplace well-being using a variety of evidence-based, actionable questions. This tool differentiates from high-level engagement surveys by probing deeper, enabling leaders to make more informed decisions by targeting specific root causes impacting well-being. The survey contains a simple demographics section and questions spanning various domains of well-being. The estimated time for completion is less than 10 minutes.

Wellness Office 6-Item Well-Being Pulse Survey

This short Qualtrics survey is created for anyone employed at the University of Michigan Health system. It features a simple demographics section and 6 key questions for a brief, actionable report on workplace well-being. The estimated time for completion is less than 3 minutes.

Data Overview & Consultations on Key Domains of Well-Being

The Wellness Office consults with departments, divisions and units on Faculty & Staff Engagement data to review key domains of well-being.

Work Home Flexibility

Feeling Valued

Psychological Safety

Leadership Connection


& Burnout Drivers

Professional Fulfillment

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