Learner Well-Being Programs & Resources

The Learner Well-Being Grant Program was designed to pilot one-year interventions to encourage and support innovative, scalable, and sustainable interventions that addressed the well-being challenges of learners.

The Michigan Medicine Wellness Office aims to be a liaison for faculty, staff and learners. Many partners across Michigan Medicine, and the University of Michigan as a whole, have mobilized resources for the Michigan Medicine community.

Electives for senior medical students and advanced practice pharmacy students are available to help learners understand the organizational strategies around well-being.

The Wellness Office led a collaborative effort to offer programming and benchmark well-being initiatives offered to learners across the health science schools at the U-M Ann Arbor campus.

This initiative works to reduce barriers to accessing professional mental health services and improve the mental health and well-being of medical students.

An online collection of existing technology resources to complement in-person resources and services has been created and will continue to be expanded on the University Health Service website.