Well-being Best Practices & Ideas
from Michigan Medicine Faculty & Staff

Interested in learning what others are doing to improve well-being in these six domains?

Burnout is a response to chronic work stressors leading to exhaustion, detachment, or cynicism, and/or feeling ineffective

A feeling of belonging on a team in which everyone is safe to speak up without fear of embarrassment, rejection or punishment.

The ability to flexibly engage with, and disconnect from, work for personal time while allowing space for work and home to co-exist as needed.

Results from being respected, recognized authentically, and treated fairly and from mutual trust and the resources to do the work well.

Opportunities for team members to provide respectful and meaningful feedback and for leaders to listen and address concerns in a transparent and caring manner.

Contributing in the ways one feels most valued at work through building positive connections to colleagues, patients, leaders, and/or others in the work environment.