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What is workplace well-being?

Workplace well-being is the optimal quality of life and experience at work, characterized by energy for work, connection to people and purpose, work-home flexibility, and psychosocial safety.

How do we include workplace well-being in our decision-making, our everyday experience at work, and in caring for each other as we care for our patients? We look at the following domains that encompass the broader definition of workplace well-being.

Here are some key definitions as well as programs, resources, survey tools, and best practices to help you along the way!

Everyone has a role to play in improving our well-being in the workplace. We need all healthcare workers; all leaders, managers, and supervisors; all faculty, staff, and learners; and all clinicians, non-clinicians, researchers, and educators. Only by working together, can we achieve a workplace culture of well-being.

- Dr. Kirk Brower, Chief Wellness Officer