Meet the Team

Sandy Goel, PharmD

Interim Chief Wellness Officer & Administrative Director
Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry

Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor, College of Pharmacy
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Shelagh Saénz, LPC, NCC

 Senior Project Manager
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Matthew Jerome, MS, MHA 

Business Consultant
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Paula Bryanch-Garrett

Executive Assistant Associate Health

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Ally Grossman

Medical Student Liaison

Wellness Office Faculty Associates

The Michigan Medicine Wellness Office received an impressive, diverse cohort of applicants for the 2021-2022 Faculty Associate program. We are pleased to announce the selection of six Faculty Associates to participate in scholarly work addressing drivers of workplace well-being over the next 12 months. They will identify solutions to inform decision-making at the organizational level. The associates are listed below, including their priority areas of focus and brief biographies: 

Anita Amin, MD

Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine

Division of Hospital Medicine

Department of Internal Medicine 

Exploring solutions to address administrative burden, particularly focused on organizational email usage among faculty, staff, and learners.  Link to Bio

Michael Brenner, MD

Associate Professor


Partnering with Dr. Amy Zhang to study vacation utilization and cross-coverage with the goal of improving wellness among clinicians at Michigan Medicine.  Link to Bio

Kris Chrouser, MD, MPH

Associate Professor


Evaluating job resources and job demands to improve teamwork and reduce burnout across the institution.  Link to Bio

Helen Morgan, MD

Clinical Associate Professor

Obstetrics and Gynecology

Developing a multi-faceted approach to facilitating the development of communities of support for parents working at Michigan Medicine.  Link to Bio

Raf Rizk, MD

Clinical Assistant Professor
Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology

Researching how electronic health record (EHR) usage at Michigan Medicine contributes to burnout and identifying solutions to reduce the negative impact of the EHR on faculty well-being.  Link to Bio

Gurjit Sandhu, PhD

Associate Professor and Vice-Chair, Resident Life

Department of Surgery and Department of Learning Health Sciences

Utilizing a phased approach to identify effective strategies to improve psychological safety among faculty and residents.  Link to Bio

Amy Zhang, MD

Clinical Assistant Professor
Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences

Partnering with Dr. Michael Brenner to study vacation utilization and cross-coverage with the goal of improving wellness among clinicians at Michigan Medicine.  Link to Bio