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+Indicates a current or former Wellness Faculty Associate



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Abstracts & Posters

Koel, D., Goels, S., Saenz, S., Bostwick, J., & Cable, B. (2023).  Well-Being and Academic Success Series:  A U-M Health Science Schools Well-Being Initiative. Health Professions Education Day.  Ann Arbor, MI Poster

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Neff, K. (2023).  Addressing a Hidden Epidemic: Supporting Medical Students with Histories of Sexual Assault and Intimate Partner Violence. AMA ChangeMedEd Conference. Chicago, IL 

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*Westerhoff, M. (2023).  Workplace Well-Being as a Priority in the Pathology Department.  United States & Canadian Academy of Pathology 112th Annual Meeting. New Orleans, LA



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Abstracts & Posters

+Amin, A., Singh, V., & *Marr, R. (2022). Does providing healthy snacks to hospital-based healthcare providers improve wellness? International Conference on Physician Health. Orlando, FL. Poster, Visual Abstract

+Amin, A. (2022).  Hospital Medicine physician and advanced practice provider work stressors. Society of Hospital Medicine Annual Conference. Nashville, TN

*Garver, K., & Young, A. (2022). Positively Energizing Leadership Training: Developing and Implementing A Program to Address Burnout in Healthcare Providers. International Conference on Physician Health. Orlando, FL. Poster, Visual Abstract

Jared, C., Young, A., & *Garver, K. (2022). Designing, Implementing and Evaluating an Organizational Change Initiative: A Case Study in Applying Positive Organizational Scholarship to Healthcare. International Conference on Physician Health. Orlando, FL. Poster

Jerome, M., Goel, S., & Brower, K. (2022). A departmental approach to improve well-being in a large health system. International Conference on Physician Health. Orlando, FL. Poster

Maksutova, M., Kemp, M., Singer, A., Alam, H., &; +Sandhu, G. (2022). "You’ve Got Gratitude!”— A Multi-specialty and Multi-institution Program Encouraging Expressions of Gratitude. International Conference on Physician Health. Orlando, FL.  Poster

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Young, A., Aronoff, C., Goel, S., Jerome, M., & Brower, K. (2022). Why Leadership Communication Matters Most in Retaining Healthcare Professionals and Staff During the COVID-19 Crisis. International Conference on Physician Health. Orlando, FL. Abstract



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Abstracts & Posters

*Collins, C, *Goel S, Bostwick J, Patterson V. Health science schools wellness initiatives. Presented at: 2021 Health Professions Education Day [virtual conference]. April 6, 2021. Abstract | Poster

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*Goel, S & *Collins, C.  Learning well:  Student well-being initiatives across the University of Michigan health science schools.  Presented at: 2021 American Conference on Physician Health,  Scottsdale, AZ.  October 8, 2021.  Abstract | Poster

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